Koloman Moser.

As a big fan of Jugendstil, I think it’s the right time to dedicate this post to one of my favourite artists of this time, Koloman Moser. Moser (30. März 1868 – 18. Oktober 1918, Vienna) was an Austrian painter, designer and artisan. He studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna and was co-founder of the Wiener Sezession in 1897. He contributed about 140 illustrations for its magazin Ver Sacrum. Koloman Moser was also a co-founder of the Wiener Werkstätte in 1903.

At the turn of the century Moser was one of the major artists in Vienna and is one of the leading Jugendstil aritsts. I find it most impressive that he, as many artists in this period, was such an allrounder: He was not only a graphic artist and painter but also designed furniture, jewelry, fashion or hangings.

And look at this photograph of him – he looks strangely timeless as if you could cross him on the streets of Vienna somewhere, don’t you think?


New Year’s resolutions.

Shame on me…

… because I haven’t managed to put anything on this blog recently. But I have some projects lying on my table at home and hopefully soon will be able to start them! But until then I’m quite stuffed at work with work and work and other loads of work – but today I tend to think that there might be better times just around the corner (although I’m having quite fun I must say). And to avoid the impression that this blog is another dead alley on the beloved internet, here is just one little graphic I made for invitations for my soon coming birthday:


So, that’s that for the moment but there will be more soon – PROMISE!

late new years pledge…

… but I think not a bad one:


Photoshop workout never stops being fun – So some other stuff I’ve done today:


let it glow

Some photoshop workout today: