Those days in color.

I’m still playing around with the possibilities of colorizing old black and white photographs. Here are two more of my latest attempts: The first one is showing my great-grandfather and his family, the second one two of his sons – one being my grandfather as a baby.






My Vienna – #1

After some years of using Instagram I’ve come up with quite a collection of pictures and snapshots. Many of them not very unique or with any other purpose than documenting a single situation eventually on facebook. Like “look I made carrot salad” or “me and my husband at …”. But then there are some few pictures I really like and that can stand for themselves I think.

As I live and work in Vienna, many of my pictures are taken in this city so they come with kind of a theme naturally. I’ll just put my favourites from the past few years on display right here – and, as I am choosing to throw the “#1” behind the headline, I set myself the goal to make more “better” pictures and less “look I have a life” snapshots. So I hope there might be more soon.

Photography in Love with Motion.

Some days ago I stumbled over a collection of pictures. But these were really different, because although they froze a moment in time, like photography does, they showed a little bit more – movement, that offers a deeper look into the scenery. It’s a fascinating and new way of visual story telling and a brilliant use of the animated gif format that I can’t get enough of.

If you want to find out more, read this interview with the founders, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, of the “cinemagraph” technique here. Or look at collections here or here.

Holidays – Part ONE.

Finally I’m back with the first patch of photos of our Germany/Prague-Holiday-Trip. I was quite busy during the vacation and made lots and lots of photos and also some drawings. First, a set of iPhone shots. My dear partner in crime and I had a fabulous time and enjoyed our trip very much… ahhh… we almost stayed in Prague… ;)

There are also some more on my Flickr account here. And there will be more soon – promise!

She came in through the bathroom window.

I got a wonderfull and unexpected easter present from my lovely partner in crime: “Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs”, a beautiful Taschen coffee-table book. As you might already know I am a big Beatles fan but must admit I know little about Linda. And this book is amazing! Her photography just really gets to me…

Instant grammar.

I love my Instagram.

True Colours.

The word is out, that coloured smoke is THAT new thing this year – and it really does look amazing. So here are some examples I could find – keep your eyes open for more!


Purple Hazeby Saga

by AlexCarata

Fab photography.

I was, am and quite sure always will be a big Beatles fan. Yesterday my heart jumped for joy when I stumbled over a wonderfull and wide collection of Beatles photos – and most important, many many unseen photos of the Fab 4 and family! Which is a rare thing when you’ve been a Beatle-maniac for about 15 years now. So – just check out this fabulous resource of photography, here are some of my favourite:


Sometimes when I’m alone I use Comic Sans.

Some things I really like today:

“Sometimes when I’m alone I use Comic Sans” – This great typo T-Shirt is made by Robot. Check out more T-Shirts by Robot, they really rock.

One great example of the lovely art of sleeveface photography by khourri named “Me and Peter Gabriel =p”. Who, like me, can’t get enough of sleeveface photography and it’s numerous options check out the Flickr sleeveface group!

My next pick is nearly unbelieveable: Dalton Ghetti likes pencils – but he doesn’t draw with them! Instead he creates micro-sculptures with the tips of pencils. I stumbled about his amazing work at KOI KOI KOI and there’s also an article about him on the New York Times website. Ghetti unfortunatly doesn’t seem to have a homepage – but google him, you will find some more of his great work!

And – the last pick of today – one thing I think everybody could use from time to time: Awkward Moment Cards by design glut:

“Finally, a greeting card to get you through your
most uncomfortable situations. This simple
design helps you start the awkward conversations
you want to avoid, but really shouldn’t.
It has a million uses. Get them for apologizing,
for asking a favor, or for breaking the ice.”