Day 03: Top five names you wish were yours.

This was a really hard one. I thought about it for some time but there simple is no way I could come up with five names that I wish were mine. That’s partly because I’m quite fond of my own name “Manuela” by now (yes, I know  I’m using a pseudonym around the web – but first of all, I started using the internet when nicknames were a big thing and secondly I just really got used to it and quite like the idea of this second persona, so get over it) and partly because there always was just one name that I literally adored: Julia.

And that’s how I can turn every question into one about the Beatles – who could see this coming. It’s of course no coincidence that John Lennon mother is named Julia and that he named his first son Julian Lennon. There also is a song by him called “Julia”, by the way. So as a early on Beatles fan I came across this name soon and I just really, really like it.

It’s hard to divide your feelings about something you like into little parts to look on every one individually. I guess I also like the name Julia so much, because I really like the sound of it (in English as well as German), I even think it looks nice because all the letters fit so nicely to each other (can’t turn of the graphic designer) and I never really had a relative or a friend called Julia – and this especially always kept it fresh and beautiful for me.

So I guess it’s the first major setback in my 30 days challenge, that I couldn’t come up with 5 great names that I whis were mine. But, to be honest, I think it’s better to give one real good one than five you don’t believe in.


Nowhere Boy.

I could’nt wait to see “that new John Lennon movie” this weekend. After all I read about it on the net, I was quite sure that I would like it – and the poster looked gorgeous (which, for me, is always an important thing)!

And it really is great! It is authentic but doesn’t loose it’s artistic freedom. It has really good actors in it (I knew and loved David Morrisey from the BBC series “Blackpool” and 2008 Doctor Who christmas special, and of course most people know Thomas Sangster from “Love Actually” or “Nanny McPhee”). And it is just beautiful made and combines strong pictures with great music.

It is based on John Lennon’s half-sister’s biography “John Lennon, my brother” and shows a young, confused and revolting John Lennon who is filled with emotions but finds his best possible cure: Rock’n’Roll. Julia Lennon, his always abscent mother is the center of the movie. When he finally seems to win her back into his life for good, she dies in a car crash. As the future had shown, she always will be a driving force but never fullfilled fantasy in Lennon’s music and life.

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