Shit people say.

This videos are around now for a while but I really, really have to dedicate a post to them. Everything started last December with the “Shit Girls Say” video, done by some LA movie makers and featuring Juliettte Lewis. Since then Youtube has been flooded with clips that simply celebrate prejudices – “Shit yogis say”, “Shit dads say”, Shit girlfriends say”… But the great thing about them as well as the core of every prejudice is that there is a little bit of truth hidden inside and it simply makes us laugh because we see oureselfes in it. So here’s to self-mockery and humor:

And if you’re looking for some more – I collected some of the best in my Youtube channel here.


Photography in Love with Motion.

Some days ago I stumbled over a collection of pictures. But these were really different, because although they froze a moment in time, like photography does, they showed a little bit more – movement, that offers a deeper look into the scenery. It’s a fascinating and new way of visual story telling and a brilliant use of the animated gif format that I can’t get enough of.

If you want to find out more, read this interview with the founders, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, of the “cinemagraph” technique here. Or look at collections here or here.

She came in through the bathroom window.

I got a wonderfull and unexpected easter present from my lovely partner in crime: “Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs”, a beautiful Taschen coffee-table book. As you might already know I am a big Beatles fan but must admit I know little about Linda. And this book is amazing! Her photography just really gets to me…

Oh, these nerd glasses.

I must say, I have a thing for nerd glasses – and there are some men, who can really wear those! ;)

Elvis Costello

Michael Stipe

Ira Glass

That Zeppelin.

A documentary about the Hindenburg catastrophe yesterday in the evening, reminded me about how much I really like zeppelins. I mean, they are the most majestic and just as well biggest thing I can think of and I get the shivers when I try to imagine what it must have felt like to stand near to one of those massive and at the same time airy vehicles. So, here are some pictures as well as some art I found, all featuring this beautiful, and yet dangerous, machines:


Zeppelinby Christian Ose

Graf Zeppelin Route Poster
via lazzo51 // by

True Colours.

The word is out, that coloured smoke is THAT new thing this year – and it really does look amazing. So here are some examples I could find – keep your eyes open for more!


Purple Hazeby Saga

by AlexCarata

There will be Valentine.

Valentine’s Day is more or less around the corner and so here is a little Valentine’s collection for everybody who needs a little bit inspiration and love:

by Pink Ponk

Flash & Supergirl Valentineby Neato Coolvilleby Emilien Durand

by Adolfo Correa


First of all, if you wondering: Yes, this is architecture!  I stumbled over the architectural group Archigram a few days ago on this blog and was stunned about their beautiful conceptual designs. It’s all very 1960s of course and just colourful and great – just imagine this architectural dreams would have come true…

The best thing is – all of their work has been collected on this marvellous website, from which as well all the following pictures are taken:

Underwater City Project: Speculative proposal for an underwater city based on
NASA space technology.

Walking City: Proposal for a nomadic city infrastructure in which urban utilities
would not be tied to a specific location.

Plug’n’Clip House Project: Speculative design of house component and local
arrangement system for a group of houses as part of Plug-In City.

Instant City: Speculative research project exploring possibilities of injecting metropolitan dynamic into other areas through temporary events, structures, mobile facilities and information technology.

Koloman Moser.

As a big fan of Jugendstil, I think it’s the right time to dedicate this post to one of my favourite artists of this time, Koloman Moser. Moser (30. März 1868 – 18. Oktober 1918, Vienna) was an Austrian painter, designer and artisan. He studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna and was co-founder of the Wiener Sezession in 1897. He contributed about 140 illustrations for its magazin Ver Sacrum. Koloman Moser was also a co-founder of the Wiener Werkstätte in 1903.

At the turn of the century Moser was one of the major artists in Vienna and is one of the leading Jugendstil aritsts. I find it most impressive that he, as many artists in this period, was such an allrounder: He was not only a graphic artist and painter but also designed furniture, jewelry, fashion or hangings.

And look at this photograph of him – he looks strangely timeless as if you could cross him on the streets of Vienna somewhere, don’t you think?

2011 – a new year has dawned.

In honor of this, surely fabolous, new year and my personal fondness of New Year’s resolutions I searched dear old flickr for the best pictures about this topic. So here they are, my most favourite New Year pictures for 2011 – enjoy! :)

2011by liriasiragusa

New Year's Resolutionby Mortaric

New Year's Resolutionby Blue Bicicletta

ephemera - Russian New Year Cardby Jassi-50