For a dear friend, who likes cooking and spices, I made these bottles of flavoured oils and vinegar for his birthday. I also put stickers on every bottle with the names of the oils/vinegar and some illustrations of mine. It really turned out a nice present I think. Hopefully the flavoured oils also turn out great in some meals!

If you’re interested in the recipes, here they are:

  • Chili-Vanilla-Oil
  • Sage-Vinegar
  • Rosemary-Thyme-Oil (500 ml olive oil, 2 spoons dried rosemary, 2 spoons dried thyme, 2 spoons dried peppercorns)

Totally gone nuts.

What could be a better way to spend a foggy autumn sunday afternoon than cracking nuts & (not very autumn, but quite cool, some might say) watching my partner in crime playing some kick-ass-drum-solos on his new love – his Rockband drum kit. A while ago I got a bag full of delicious walnuts from a dear friend of mine and finally they all got cracked to soon be major ingredient for cakes or cookies.

And some more walnutty things I quite like:

From top left to lower right:

  • Orange Squirrel with Walnut Photo Pendant by pinglebell
  • Pumpkin- Molasses Muffins with Walnuts recipie by Vita Arina
  • The Key To My Heart Locks You In – Walnut Lasercut Key by misterrob
  • Japanese Craft Book – Walnut pin cushions by La Belle Avenue