Day 01: Top five favourite bands & musicians.

Ok, this decision wasn’t too hard, because there always will be this big five in my heart:

  • The Beatles – because they were my first real music love and I know every album and can sing along to every single song of theirs.
  • Oasis – because it was the logical conclusion after being a Beatles fan for years and because, as born in the early 80s, being in the middle of Britpop when I grew to be teenager. This vain bastards just rock my world.
  • Green Day – my first digression into Punk Rock and also a big love since early teenage years.
  • R.E.M. – a band I discovered a little later on. I don’t know them as well as The Beatles or Oasis but they always accompanied me through life.
  • Tocotronic – the only German band on my list, even though I got into “Hamburger Schule” quite strong for some time. When I listen to Tocotronic many lovely teenage memories come to my mind and Tocotronic kind of grew with me, from this wild Punk boys to something a little bit more grown-up.

Frequency – Day Two & Three.

It’s Sunday and we’re back from St. Pölten and this time also back from Frequency festival – and we had an awesome time there. But I’ll start from the beginning…

Friday started with a little dissapointment: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club had canceled. But, this things happen, what can you do. Next stop on our list were the Klaxons but they didn’t really hit us. But – great thing when you are on a festival – there is always another band playing on another stage in walking distance so we tried our luck with Yeasayer. And they were a lot of fun – really good and fun music to watch and to dance to.

And then the first main act of the day entered the stage: LCD Soundsystem. To my shame I have to admit, that I’ve never heard about them before – and I cannot thank Sebastian enough for introducing me to this great project! They rocked the festival crowed extremely and I still catch myself singing “Pow pow pow pow pow…”. James Murphy is amazing and his live band is superb! Can’t wait to see them hopefully soon again!

Then our evening held a very difficult decision for us: Massive Attack OR Tocotronic? Sebastian wanted to see Massive Attack – I wanted to see both. But as very very old and faithful Tocotronic fan I also couldn’t bare the thought to not go to see them. But my beloved partner in crime and knight in shining armor agreed to go with me and see Tocotronic – although I knew his heart burnt a little bit. But: Tocotronic was great!

I’ve seen them several times and for the first time I saw them playing “Bitte gebt mir meinen Verstand zurück” sung by Mr. Arne Zank! And this really made it worthwile! And there were more big hits like “Let there be Rock”, “Imitationen”, “Mein Ruin”, “Drüben auf dem Hügel”, “Die Idee ist gut doch die Welt noch nicht so weit” (von Dirk als “modern classic” passend betitelt), “Jungs hier kommt der Masterplan” and a lot more that culminated in “Freiburg”.  Dirk was wearing his Buffy T-Shirt and was a little bit more of a diva then I remembered from last time – but I love them! It’s like scrolling an old photo album for me… I was perfectly happy.

Well… for day three there was only one band left for us: Element of Crime. The last time we both had seen them was 2006 in Wattenscheid, Germany – almost exactly 4 years ago. It’s a little bit frightening how time flies. Anyway – they played a great concert, only some of the festival crowd were extremely annoying  during this wonderful evening.

But that’s the same old story with festivals – there are always people who give a crap for the band that’s playing up there. And if it is a loud act like LCD Soundsystem or Muse it doesn’t matter how much they moan and scream. But if it is a more quiet act like Element Of Crime – the rest of the audience is having a hard time. But they shut up eventually and Mr. Sven Regener and his partners in crime made a perfect last festival act for us.

And Mr. Sven Regener said: “So ist das. Und macht keinen Scheiß.”


Hello people! This long weekend was all about cleaning up (because it’s spring and because I couldn’t see the world outside my windows anymore) and my writing table now officially is a tinkering table PLUS we’ve managed to 1. find our router and 2. install it, so now I also have internet on my laptop and I don’t have to wait for my boyfriend to leave his PC anymore! This must be heaven!

During all the cleaning (but don’t think I’ve finished it – no, two more rooms to go – ummmph…) I found some old photographies that used to hang on my walls. And to inaugurate my new tinkering table I made this Tocotronic-Diorama, or short Toco-rama:


See you later! XX mardou

Neues vom Trickser!


Verschwör dich gegen dich
Verschwör dich gegen dich,
und deine Schmerzen lindern sich,
sei glücklich, denn du bist allein,
und nah dem wilden Herzen wirst du sein.
Verschwör dich gegen dich
und deine Wunden öffnen sich
Und ich weiß genau,
in diesem Krieg sind alle Tricks erlaubt.

Du musst nicht zeigen was du kannst,
du darfst nicht sagen was du denkst,
man soll nicht wissen wie du fühlst,
nimm all dies als dein Geschenk

Verschwör dich gegen dich,
die Gegner, sie ergeben sich von selbst
Unter dein Bett hat man ein Rosenblatt gelegt

Verschwör dich gegen dich,
und deine Schmerzen lindern sich,
sei glücklich, mach die Augen zu,
niemand, der empfinden wird wie du

Du musst nicht zeigen was du kannst,
du darfst nicht sagen was du denkst,
kein Gewissen, das dich quält,
keine fremde Macht, die lenkt

Du musst nicht zeigen was du kannst.
Du darfst nicht sagen was du denkst,
man soll nicht wissen wie du fühlst,
nimm als dies als dein Geschenk

Du musst nicht zeigen was du kannst,
Du darfst nicht sagen was du denkst,
kein Gewissen dass dich quält,
keine Fremde macht die lenkt…

Mit großer Freude und Spannung warte ich auf das neue Tocotronic Album das zwar fertig aufgenommen aber noch nicht fertig abgemischt in ihren Schubladen liegt! Im Jänner soll gemischt werden… also lang wird’s wohl hoffentlich nicht mehr dauern! Solange gibts einen Vorgeschmack von ihnen – “Verschwör Dich gegen Dich” was sie auf dem Reeperbahn Festival zum Besten gaben (Lyrics aus dem tocotronix Forum!).

Das lässt ja nur das Beste hoffen!! Wer noch mehr will kann sich auf youtube den Konzertmitschnitt angucken:

“Verschwör Dich gegen Dich” auf youtube

Macht schnell Jungs! Wir wollen unsere Tocotronics wieder hören!!! :o)