A birthday.

It’s official – I entered my last year of my twenties! And I did with lots and lots of amazing presents, beautifull flowers and delicious food. Thank you all for the past amazing days, especially my ever patient and caring partner in crime. This birthday-girl wants some couch-time now, goodbye!


“Play & Grimm” and more News…

For my sisters birthday I invented a game called “Play & Grimm”, consisting of a board and question cards. Her biggest dream is to buy the “Grimmsche Wörterbuch” – so for each right answered question she could win money! It was real fun and we had a great time… play&grimm
And there are more news: Check out www.manuela-heidenreich.com for my illustration projects! Have fun! C U!

Shame on me…

… because I haven’t managed to put anything on this blog recently. But I have some projects lying on my table at home and hopefully soon will be able to start them! But until then I’m quite stuffed at work with work and work and other loads of work – but today I tend to think that there might be better times just around the corner (although I’m having quite fun I must say). And to avoid the impression that this blog is another dead alley on the beloved internet, here is just one little graphic I made for invitations for my soon coming birthday:


So, that’s that for the moment but there will be more soon – PROMISE!