New Year’s resolutions.


Sometimes when I’m alone I use Comic Sans.

Some things I really like today:

“Sometimes when I’m alone I use Comic Sans” – This great typo T-Shirt is made by Robot. Check out more T-Shirts by Robot, they really rock.

One great example of the lovely art of sleeveface photography by khourri named “Me and Peter Gabriel =p”. Who, like me, can’t get enough of sleeveface photography and it’s numerous options check out the Flickr sleeveface group!

My next pick is nearly unbelieveable: Dalton Ghetti likes pencils – but he doesn’t draw with them! Instead he creates micro-sculptures with the tips of pencils. I stumbled about his amazing work at KOI KOI KOI and there’s also an article about him on the New York Times website. Ghetti unfortunatly doesn’t seem to have a homepage – but google him, you will find some more of his great work!

And – the last pick of today – one thing I think everybody could use from time to time: Awkward Moment Cards by design glut:

“Finally, a greeting card to get you through your
most uncomfortable situations. This simple
design helps you start the awkward conversations
you want to avoid, but really shouldn’t.
It has a million uses. Get them for apologizing,
for asking a favor, or for breaking the ice.”