2011 – revisited.

Last year I made some resolutions for upcoming 2011. I guess it’s time to see how I did.

1) Draw more & more regularly. – I just counted my drawings in 2011: 14. In 2010 I did 12. So I can say that I drew more but I cannot really take pride in doing it more regularly.

2) Read more. – I guess I managed to live up to that resolution. I read nearly 6 books this year (good old Stephen Fry still lies unfinished on my night stand), which could be more but it’s okay for me.

3) Start photographing with my SLR again. – I really did that! The SLR joined us on holiday to Prague this year and I worked hard to get some good shots, even though my knowledge of SLR photographing is more than bad and I never managed to get the hang of it. I also promised lots and lots of photos on this blog, but they never showed. And that’s because I never developed them. For one part I’m a little bit anxious that the turnout may not be so good, for the other I photographed so much that it’s quite an investment to develop so many films. However I finally came to a conclusion: I guess my analog SLR and I will break up. It’s not that we didn’t try and it surely isn’t her – it’s just me. I just can’t seem to press the right buttons of hers at the right time and her mind-numbing patience with that analog films really freak me out. So, thanks for the great times we had, but I guess it’s time to face the truth.

4) Get focused. – This isn’t something I can really verify here but I kind of feel a lot more focused than in 2010 so I guess this is done. It always could be better of course, but nobody’s perfect.

5) Stay fit. – Well… I managed this quite okay in the first half of 2011 but the second half wasn’t to good concerning fitness. But, I’m back on the saddle and I’m quite strong-willed.

6) Travel a lot more than 2010. – 2011 wasn’t the biggest year in traveling, but we went to Prague. And that’s one vacation more than in 2010. This doesn’t really blow my mind and I could be happier about it, but on the other hand I got 2012 in front of me and an amazing 3 week journey to America! So never mind…

And for the rest – here are some more facts about my 2011:

And last but not least, some things I wish for in 2012:


2011 – a new year has dawned.

In honor of this, surely fabolous, new year and my personal fondness of New Year’s resolutions I searched dear old flickr for the best pictures about this topic. So here they are, my most favourite New Year pictures for 2011 – enjoy! :)

2011by liriasiragusa

New Year's Resolutionby Mortaric

New Year's Resolutionby Blue Bicicletta

ephemera - Russian New Year Cardby Jassi-50

New Year’s resolutions.

late new years pledge…

… but I think not a bad one:


Photoshop workout never stops being fun – So some other stuff I’ve done today: