I know, this blog is all about music at the moment – but it’s just, that there is so much great music out there! The new R.E.M. record “Collapse into now” is my new favourite thing. The critics aren’t so wild about it, but I think it sounds fresh and it speaks to you – and for God’s sake, IT’S R.E.M.! ;)

I especially love the song “Überlin” and it comes along with an amazing video featuring the brilliant Aaron Johnson, who recently portrayed a young John Lennon in “Nowhere Boy” (go to my blog entry here). But enough talk – here’s this video that I can’t get out of my head:


Nowhere Boy.

I could’nt wait to see “that new John Lennon movie” this weekend. After all I read about it on the net, I was quite sure that I would like it – and the poster looked gorgeous (which, for me, is always an important thing)!

And it really is great! It is authentic but doesn’t loose it’s artistic freedom. It has really good actors in it (I knew and loved David Morrisey from the BBC series “Blackpool” and 2008 Doctor Who christmas special, and of course most people know Thomas Sangster from “Love Actually” or “Nanny McPhee”). And it is just beautiful made and combines strong pictures with great music.

It is based on John Lennon’s half-sister’s biography “John Lennon, my brother” and shows a young, confused and revolting John Lennon who is filled with emotions but finds his best possible cure: Rock’n’Roll. Julia Lennon, his always abscent mother is the center of the movie. When he finally seems to win her back into his life for good, she dies in a car crash. As the future had shown, she always will be a driving force but never fullfilled fantasy in Lennon’s music and life.

Find out more here nowhereboy.com