There will be Valentine.

Valentine’s Day is more or less around the corner and so here is a little Valentine’s collection for everybody who needs a little bit inspiration and love:

by Pink Ponk

Flash & Supergirl Valentineby Neato Coolvilleby Emilien Durand

by Adolfo Correa


Lego Love.

Over the last view weeks I kept stumbling over projects with one major ingredient: The good old Lego brick! And as, I am still, as so many people out there are, a fond friend of this fun way to just literally BUILD EVERYTHING you can imagine, I thought it would be right to feature my favorite Lego projects in this entry.

Nathan Sawayas Lego Art

Nathan Sawaya is a New York-based artist who creates awe-inspiring works out of some of the most unlikely things. His recent North American museum tours feature large-scale sculptures using only toy building blocks. LEGO® bricks to be exact. –

Lego Letterpress by Physical Fiction

Order your print here.

Lego Felt Tip Printer

“Lego felt tip 110” printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not mindstorms, I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a “wiring” board.

Klaus Voormann.

Lately I rediscovered the Beatles’ “Revolver” LP and with it’s beautiful music it’s amazing cover artwork. I always loved this cover especially – the fine lines, all black & white but so alive. I think, I can’t disguise, that my own work at least tries to be inspired by this great artist.

Above some of my favorite artworks by Mr. Klaus Voormann. If you like to find about more about the man, still known as the 5th Beatle, visit his website.