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Spring paper door wreath

A short update from my side of the moon: Spring is still all around and seeming to stay for a little longer! Easter has past, quite successfully with lots of chocolate eggs, bunnies and some stomache aches… I put all my easter eggs away in boxes for next year and needed a replacement and most of all something new for our front door, which is horrible empty since Christmas. So I made a wreath out of paper flowers, but just take a look:



That’s that for now – XX Mardou

Spring’s here!

And this really should be the biggest announcement of this blog post today! Spring is here – finally! I nearly can’t believe it but it’s true and it feels great!

Nadja once again thank you for your great last blog post! I read it at work and couldn’t stop laughing during my lunchtime in front of the pc! Throwing bricks is quiete fun I think! And I love the two of us as M&N’s characters – even Nadja seems a little greenish in the face!

But last week another brick hit us – but I don’t want to tell to much yet…

Oh – Nadja I still didn’t responed to your comment on my fish-post: The graphics are made from photographs I’ve taken with my digital camera and a watercolour texture that I multiplied on them in Photoshop (and some other minor image editing). But I too like the effect very much and I really think, that one should put things together that go together!

An announcement: There will be a new category called Tinkering were we can put all our handmade projects! I got into this stuff quiet serious recently and can’t wait to put some pictures on the blog – starting now:

Scribble Cookies

I made Easter Scribble Cookies for my nephews! I found the idea on Kelly Wilkinsons great blog Make Grow Gather which I’m reading and enjoying almost everyday now – so have a look!



Kelly Wilkinsons recipe:

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius
2. Break crayons into small pieces
3. Arrange in small cookie mold
4. Bake for 5 minutes until crayons melt, and remove while colors are still distinct (if you leave in the oven too long, it will get too melty and the colors will run into each other)
5. Let cool and pop out of molds.

I loved the idea and bought some small muffin molds and put my old crayons in it and this is what they turned out:


I made two small boxes out of paper (printed the first letters of my nephews names on it with white colour and curled carton) to keep the scribble cookies in. I can’t wait until easter’s here and I can give them to my two sweet nephews! I think they’ll like them!

Easter Eggs

The big ones already got some presents this weekend: I made easter eggs for my two sisters and our mum! It was quiete a thing to make 18 of them, but I think they really looked lovely in the end! I also pasted colored fancy paper onto some old cat-food-boxes, put read tissue paper that was left from St. Nicholas into it and the eggs. Then I wraped them up with some plastic wrap and put this lovely red and white cord around them. But look for yourself:




And, because he doesn’t mind easter eggs and other things like that too much, some selfmade chocolates for my dad:


They are really delicious and quite easy to make (because I made the recipe up on the way):

Little brown ones – recipe

– mix marzipan with Amaretto and almond slivers
– form little balls

– roll the balls in more almonds slivers

– melt milk chocolate and dip the balls in it
– let them dry

Little white ones – recipe

– mix marzipan with Cointreau and poppy seeds
– form balls and roll them in cornflakes
– melt white chocolate and dip the balls in it
– let them dry  and put some stripes with the milk chocolate on them

Little cornflake heaps – recipe

– mix almond slivers with cornflakes and poppy seeds
– melt white chocolate
– mix everything up with the chocolate
– make small heaps and sprinkle some more poppy seeds on them
– let them dry

So that’s all from me today – I’m off for a cosy remain-Sunday on the couch! Bye!

XX Mardou