Ghosts & Needles.

© Manuela Heidenreich 2011 / picture of woman taken from here



Hello people! This long weekend was all about cleaning up (because it’s spring and because I couldn’t see the world outside my windows anymore) and my writing table now officially is a tinkering table PLUS we’ve managed to 1. find our router and 2. install it, so now I also have internet on my laptop and I don’t have to wait for my boyfriend to leave his PC anymore! This must be heaven!

During all the cleaning (but don’t think I’ve finished it – no, two more rooms to go – ummmph…) I found some old photographies that used to hang on my walls. And to inaugurate my new tinkering table I made this Tocotronic-Diorama, or short Toco-rama:


See you later! XX mardou