Something new, something old.

I wanted to try out some new design and I’m quite happy with it. And of course, having chosen one of my alltime favourite motives, it was double fun working on it! Here’s to John.



Typo love.

I spent some time playing around with Photoshop CS6 3D and  added some effects and fonts later in regular 2D mode. It’s a quote from John Lennon’s song “Love”.


Day 08: Top five biggest fictional crushes.

Oh – my – god. While searching my mind as well as the internet for my biggest fictional crushes my thoughts wander between total embaressment and nostalgia. But I kind of have no choice, do I? Of course I could just skip this unpleasant question and act as if nothing had happened. But this mostly makes things worse, because I would KNOW I skipped it. So, here we go in order of crush intensity:

  • John Lennon. Of course, he makes it to the top again. What can I say?
  • Keanu Reeves. This was a really, really, really big crush of mine when I was around 13 I guess. If I remember correctly everything started with the infamous 90s movie “Bill & Teds excellent adventure”. It must have been on television and started my obsessed hunt for everything Keanu Reeves. I video-tape-recorded every movie that starred him on tv and watched the tapes over and over again. I cut his photographs out of magazines and pinned them to my walls or glued them into little books, like you did in the early 90s before the rise of the internet. This crush lastet for quite some while, so I guess it’s a worthy second place.
  • David Tennant. He was my first Doctor and so he always will be my favourite! I saw every single episode with him and some of the other movies he did. My biggest real life crush, and nowadays husband, even traveled to Stratford, UK, with me to see him play in “Hamlet” at the Royal Shakespear Company. I so much hoped to see Tennant afterwards for an autograph but this wasn’t meant to be.
  • Mark Owen. I know, I know. But, hey – I’m a child of the 90s so it’s absolutely okay to have someone from a boyband on this list! And even from a cool boyband, because it was one of the first. ;) There’s really not that much to say about Owen – I read youth-magazines, bought their albums, hang his poster on my bedroom wall and the rest is heart-shaped history.
  • Julian Barratt. I went through a heavy “Mighty Boosh” phase after university: I had no job yet, lived with my parents again and had lots and lots of time to watch television between writing job applications. So, one night, while switching channels I discoverd “Mighty Boosh” on BBC Prime and never really stopped watching it for quite some time. And… Barratt is just really cute – isn’t he? ;)

Heroes II

As promised, my next hero banned on paper in black and white. As I mention, quite frequently, on this blog, I’m a very big Beatles fan and my biggest hero ever must and will be Mr. John Winston Lennon. I was close to an obsession I guess, when I was around 13, 14 years old and he was a very important figure to me during my adolesence. And my fascination and engagement with all things Lennon never really stopped. Now, when I think about him, he feels more like a family member or a close friend which I don’t get to see anymore but have so many fond memories about. It’s a strange thing, how you kind of get to know a person, without ever actually meeting him. But of course, in the end, you can’t really get close to your hero, how could you. You get close to a version you fabricate in your head. A version that let’s you get closer to yourself maybe. And that may be a good thing, I guess.

Nowhere Boy.

I could’nt wait to see “that new John Lennon movie” this weekend. After all I read about it on the net, I was quite sure that I would like it – and the poster looked gorgeous (which, for me, is always an important thing)!

And it really is great! It is authentic but doesn’t loose it’s artistic freedom. It has really good actors in it (I knew and loved David Morrisey from the BBC series “Blackpool” and 2008 Doctor Who christmas special, and of course most people know Thomas Sangster from “Love Actually” or “Nanny McPhee”). And it is just beautiful made and combines strong pictures with great music.

It is based on John Lennon’s half-sister’s biography “John Lennon, my brother” and shows a young, confused and revolting John Lennon who is filled with emotions but finds his best possible cure: Rock’n’Roll. Julia Lennon, his always abscent mother is the center of the movie. When he finally seems to win her back into his life for good, she dies in a car crash. As the future had shown, she always will be a driving force but never fullfilled fantasy in Lennon’s music and life.

Find out more here

Fab photography.

I was, am and quite sure always will be a big Beatles fan. Yesterday my heart jumped for joy when I stumbled over a wonderfull and wide collection of Beatles photos – and most important, many many unseen photos of the Fab 4 and family! Which is a rare thing when you’ve been a Beatle-maniac for about 15 years now. So – just check out this fabulous resource of photography, here are some of my favourite: