Do you wanna marry me?

This lust summer was truly a summer of love. Not only my dear partner in crime and I were saying yes – also two of my working colleagues took the big step. And they asked me to add a little drawing to their invitations as well as to do a drawing for their thank-you-letters. Well, and here you see the result:


Just married.

Seventeen days ago my beloved partner in crime and I said “yes” forever.  And because it wasn’t only a day we will be remembering forever, but also there are lots and lots of amazing photos I want to share it with you.

Creative Wedding Invitations.

The last days I stumbled over a lot of wedding blogs – maybe it’s a coincidence, maybe it’s the two weddings I visit this summer. However – weddings are a big design topic in the end! Starting from colours that, together with maybe a motto build a central theme for almost anything – you also will like to have a good thought about your wedding invitations of choice. And there are more possibilities out there, than dull envelop-sized greeting-cards with your names on it! Here are some of my favourites:

First of all, this beautiful black & white invitation doodle by the artist Rudi de Wet. It’s so alive and I think gives a special personal touch to this invitations – all the little words and phrases, that stand for events in the couples live.

Next, this beautiful little invitations with handkerchiefs, that feature the directions for the wedding. I love the idea of giving your guests something they will keep much longer than a paper creeting card! Find more photos here in youngna’s Flickr stream.

Amanda Nistor (check out here blog Ruffled) made this lovely DIY wedding invitation postcards with beautiful vintage postcards and a stamp! It’s extremely simple and has so much charm – you must fall in love with it!

The next pick is my personal favorite: Wedding Tea Towels by Karen & Ben! The idea is amazingly brilliant, the designs are so cute and I can’t really think of a better way to bring your big day permanently in the homes and the hearts of your beloved ones! Check out their website, and read about Karen’s & Ben’s story!

Anne Benjamin, a Chicago illustrator, graphic designer and printmaker, is the founder and principal designer of MOK DUK. She make custom invitations, greeting cards and art prints and has a very great style. Find out for yourself and check out her amazing wedding invitation designs – or find out about my favourite pick here.

My last pick by Matt Dorfman (via The UnBride) stood out for me, because it features the story of the couple finding their love for each other in a very charming way.

So, as you see, there are dozens of new ways to design your wedding invitations and I think it’s a very special and interesting niche of design, because there is even more love in it than in other designs – but find out for yourself…