From this position I can see the whole place.

New day – new things to like out there!

First, and very personal pick are my shiny new red sunglasses I bought at Frequency festival last weekend. You got this kind of glasses every where on the festival area and so most of the kids were wearing them. And although they seem a little cheap and random – I totally fell in love! They remind me of the kind of sunglasses you wear as child and they have a perfect red color.

Secondly – Mr. James Murphy aka LCD Soundsystem! As you already might know, I saw LCD Soundsystem at Frequency festival, totally fell in love, now am proud owner of his last CD “This is Happening” and can’t stop dancing! Check out the website or maybe this lovely interview on NYMag.

“Keys Of Life” – I discovered the artworks of the amazing artist Dale Edwin Murray today on the web and can’t stop looking at them! They’re cheerful, colorful, simple and just hit the perfect place in ones heart! Go and visit Mr. Dale Edwin Murray’s website and see for yourself! It’s just perfect!

Last but not least: A new blog I discovered today which gives you for 365 days of the year 2010 one collection a day. I love collections and I wish I could have more collections myself without ending up in a complete mess – this blog offers inspiration every day, and my home stays (more or less) tidy!