Sweets for my sweets.

It’s the same every year: Starting in late autumn I get a little nervous, I search more often for the term “gingerbread house” on the internet and I descretely try to find out my nephews new likes and dislikes regarding sweets, chocolates and everything the tooth fairy forbid.

And I’m proud to show you this years and in a row third gingerbread house – only this time totally WITHOUT GINGERBREAD. It shows that my nephews just don’t like gingerbread as much as they did a year ago (well, taste changes) so this time I tried some totally new things:

First of all, it isn’t A house but a little village (okay, there only two houses – I meant to make more, but somehow there wasn’t enough room…) and this time there is also a christmas tree made entirely out of candies! The bottom of the village is made out of cookie dough and the houses consist of shortcrust dough. And, of course, there are lots and lots of candies and chocolate everywhere!

I just gave the little village to my big sister, who will secretly hide it until tomorrow morning for St Nichola’s Day. I can’t wait to hear from her and how my sweet nephews liked it!

Happy St Nichola’s Day to all of you! Hopefully we all have been good kids! :)

Finde more photos on flickr.