Just everything.

It seems 2011 is a very good year for new bands! I must admit, I fell in love again… Friends of mine kind of  hi-jacked me to Everything Everything’s concert at Flex (Vienna). As far as I could remember, I had heard some of their songs on my friends car radio – but I had no special feeling to go with that memory.

So the usual ceremony took place before the gig: Checking myscpace, checking the band’s homepage, watching youtube and a good but not yet fully formed image about the music.

Long story short: We’ve been there, we’ve seen them and THEY ARE FAB! The music is amazing and fresh and they are good gig players. They made an effort and wore matching brown overalls which brought a dark and futuristic feeling to the whole set. The guitarist, bassplayer and drumer also had matching haircuts and the singer freshly dyed bright blond hair in contrast to the rest of the groups brown hair. So it felt really deliberate and it just gave their music the final touch.

We had a great time and the four guys took the time to sell and sign their cd’s and there’s no doubt – of course I got my cd and I got it signed! Afterwards I noticed that I missed one out in the hurry and commotion, but I think I’ll make up for that real soon hopefully…