Day 04: Top five favorite things about the internet.

First of all I have to say – internet, I’m a real big fan! Don’t listen to the people who’d like to banish you and try to make you into something evil and dangerous. I don’t get those discussions about the many risks of this amazing medium. Of course, not everything people contribute to it is fluffy honey pie. But for me it’s just a mirror of the world: You have to find you’r place in it, meet people you like, build a community and like in the real world – stay away from dark alleys, sleazy contemporaries and choose wisely who to trust or better not.

It’s not the internet who’s a danger to us. It’s the way people handle it. Everyone has to be educated on how to act around here and yet so many elective adults keep giving creditcard numbers to the wrong people or loose money on shady tricks. I could go on about this forever I guess, but before I bore you too much, here is the much more interesting question: What do I love about the internet?

  • Number one is the possibility to get every information immediately. I want to learn more about art nouveau or Sylvester Stallone or which library is nearest to me? It’s all there. Of course not everything on the internet is informed as a good dictionary but it gives you a good ground to start from. People often argue that the internet only gives us half-truths and that, by all means, you should avoid to try to get real information out of it. That’s only half true of course and even if many things aren’t always as funded because this medium is so immediate and keeps rewriting itself, it’s just okay with me. You have to treat things as what they are and only because they have flaws that doesn’t make them wrong.
  • Number two: This social thing has been out there for a while and it took me some time to even think about getting a facebook account. I guess I’m on it now for about 2 years now and I it’s fun and often practical. Sure, nobody could name 300 indivduals if you ask him over coffee with what crowd he hangs out. But that’s not really the point of it. I think there are four groups of people in your life: 1) close friends and family 2) friends you see now and then but you’re not really close to 3) people you get to know on some distinct occasion and kind of like to keep track of, just in case 4) people you where close with in the past but never see anymore.
    Before facebook number 3 and 4 was just lost. Sure, every ten years a former classmate would manage, after weeks of research and phone calls to get nearly all of your old class together for a big reunion. But now it’s possible to be much more  educated about what goes on in peoples lifes, if they choose to share it with you. And I think it’s a nice thing to know that that girl from back then has two children now or that the guy who played in the school’s band still makes music. We don’t have to talk to each other if we don’t like to but we still care to see what’s going on in each others lifes. And that just gives me a very good feeling.
  • Number three: The possibilty for everyone to express themselves in every way they like and on top of it the freedom blogs gave us. Everybody can have a blog nowadays although the majority of it isn’t very interesting. But nonetheless it gives us a way to write about the things we care and fortify it with pictures or videos or music. And this doesn’t play into the hands of this “everybody can be a star” thing that goes on on TV – not at all. It just means that we all can get creative if we like to and extend our every day lifes and all the “real” things we do with this additional way of communication. And through this you maybe meet other people and get a chance to read about their thoughts and hopes and dreams – even if they’re living on an other continent. And that only can be a good thing.
  • Number four: This has to be – instant communication through whatever way you like to. E-mails are great to get in touch with people easy and fast. And it’s not that I don’t ever send handwritten letters anymore or don’t care to read things through before I hit the send-button. But if you have something urgent to tell to somebody or just use it to chat with someone who’s far away this just is the best way to do it. It’s fast, it’s cheap and it’s immediate. And that gives us the opportunity to get closer together, from my point of view.
  • Number five: Last but not least the girlie in me breaks through and it really cares about shopping, but to be honest, who doesn’t? So one of the best things about the internet has to be webshops. Even though I’m not the kind of woman who buys her clothes or shoes on the internet (yet), I love shopping for foreign or handmade stuff. And if you, for instant, are looking for a special kind of sprinkles to top your cupcakes for Mum’s birthday or want to give your friend a real special necklace for christmas you’re quite well advised to check out some American or English or whatever webshop. It may be not too good for your creditcard, but that’s another story.