30 days delay.

As you see my 30 days challenge experiences a little break at the moment. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to start something like this in the middle of Christmas time – which of course always is not the most peaceful time of the year. There is some kind of  party or get-together every other day and the rest of the time I spend trying to make my mind up about Christmas presents, decorations, invitations and bakery.

I’m a little bit cross with myself that I just couldn’t manage to keep doing my challenge every day – but, then I thought, why has it to be 30 days in a row? It also could be just 30 days alltogether. Okay, maybe that’s a cheap excuse now, but there’s no other way.

So I go back to my eggnog, wrapping paper and christmas tunes and hope you all too have a real peaceful Christmas time! ;)