First of all, if you wondering: Yes, this is architecture!  I stumbled over the architectural group Archigram a few days ago on this blog and was stunned about their beautiful conceptual designs. It’s all very 1960s of course and just colourful and great – just imagine this architectural dreams would have come true…

The best thing is – all of their work has been collected on this marvellous website, from which as well all the following pictures are taken:

Underwater City Project: Speculative proposal for an underwater city based on
NASA space technology.

Walking City: Proposal for a nomadic city infrastructure in which urban utilities
would not be tied to a specific location.

Plug’n’Clip House Project: Speculative design of house component and local
arrangement system for a group of houses as part of Plug-In City.

Instant City: Speculative research project exploring possibilities of injecting metropolitan dynamic into other areas through temporary events, structures, mobile facilities and information technology.