Do you wanna marry me?

This lust summer was truly a summer of love. Not only my dear partner in crime and I were saying yes – also two of my working colleagues took the big step. And they asked me to add a little drawing to their invitations as well as to do a drawing for their thank-you-letters. Well, and here you see the result:



The LOVECAT merchandise is growing bigger and bigger! Mr. LOVECAT himself now released this lovely stickers, featuring one of my illustrations. I think they’re fab and I hope they will be found all over Vienna soon – so watch out!

Tracking Heartbeats.

Newsflash: Mr. LOVECAT himself finally presented one of the DVD boxes he produced for promotion purposes. I’ve done the drawing some while ago and am, as always extremely proud, to be part in this wonderfull project! I’ll post the original illustration later on, but for now – take a look at the smashing music video for “Tracking Heartbeats”:

Ice Ice Baby.

What can I say? I just love that song and it seems fitting to the temperature outside… ;)


I reached the middle of my Moleskine drawing book! And this is, how it looks like (click to enlarge):

Somebody to Love.

A few weeks ago some very dear friends of mine and I decided to give us an assignment every month. According to a “motto” everybody produces some kind of creative output. The first assignment was “The last book I read.”. So – here’s my solution for this lovely problem, a drawing that is dedicated to Arne Bellstorf comic novel “Baby’s in Black”. I wrote about it on this blog some time ago – it’s the lovestory between Stuart Sutcliff (brief member of the very early Beatles and gifted painter) and Astrid Kirchherr (a german photographer).  However, this is what I came up with. What do you think?


Something new for the Lovecat project – some kind of “logo” graphic for Mr. David Häring and his funky music! :) Check out Lovecat here.

New Illustration: If you weren’t you.

A friend of mine gave me this lovely idea, when he once said to me: “If you weren’t you – you would be a bear.” It’s a quote of a Janosch songtext and I think it’s marvellous.

© Manuela Heidenreich

Nature Is Coming For You.

Too drawings I started on my Kärnten-trip and finished after the Jónsi concert in Vienna – so yes, it’s a bit influenced by both events, but… just find out for yourself.

© Manuela Heidenreich 2010

What I Like.

The second drawing I brought back from my holidays is finished: This time a hommage to Peter Gabriel’s Genesis years and my alltime Genesis-favourite “I know what I like (In your Wardrobe)”…

© Manuela Heidenreich 2010