Make it ten.

Okay, finally I’m back with an illustration – one still from the old year, but we’re moving forward. I had the pleasure to get to know Mr. Alex Nowak recently, illustrator as well as teacher in this fine profession. And because, one should never ever stop learning and challenging oneself, we decided that I would secretly become one of his students. So, what you see above is my first assignment: Draw 10 characters with different emotions and personalities. I did, and this is the result. And I got lucky as well, professor Nowak was quite happy with the outcome. :)

This illustration is also quite special to me, because, for the first time, I didn’t digitally colour it by Photoshop but used chalk. Which is quite a challenge, because you can never go back to where you started. But, in the end it went quite well I guess. Even though I’m not sure yet, if I will stick to this technique. Time will tell.

About Mardou
Hi! My name is Manuela Heidenreich but sometimes I'm Mardou around the web. I live in Vienna, work as a multimedia designer and try to be an illustrator in my spare time. This blog is about everything that fascinates me - no more, no less.

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