2011 – revisited.

Last year I made some resolutions for upcoming 2011. I guess it’s time to see how I did.

1) Draw more & more regularly. – I just counted my drawings in 2011: 14. In 2010 I did 12. So I can say that I drew more but I cannot really take pride in doing it more regularly.

2) Read more. – I guess I managed to live up to that resolution. I read nearly 6 books this year (good old Stephen Fry still lies unfinished on my night stand), which could be more but it’s okay for me.

3) Start photographing with my SLR again. – I really did that! The SLR joined us on holiday to Prague this year and I worked hard to get some good shots, even though my knowledge of SLR photographing is more than bad and I never managed to get the hang of it. I also promised lots and lots of photos on this blog, but they never showed. And that’s because I never developed them. For one part I’m a little bit anxious that the turnout may not be so good, for the other I photographed so much that it’s quite an investment to develop so many films. However I finally came to a conclusion: I guess my analog SLR and I will break up. It’s not that we didn’t try and it surely isn’t her – it’s just me. I just can’t seem to press the right buttons of hers at the right time and her mind-numbing patience with that analog films really freak me out. So, thanks for the great times we had, but I guess it’s time to face the truth.

4) Get focused. – This isn’t something I can really verify here but I kind of feel a lot more focused than in 2010 so I guess this is done. It always could be better of course, but nobody’s perfect.

5) Stay fit. – Well… I managed this quite okay in the first half of 2011 but the second half wasn’t to good concerning fitness. But, I’m back on the saddle and I’m quite strong-willed.

6) Travel a lot more than 2010. – 2011 wasn’t the biggest year in traveling, but we went to Prague. And that’s one vacation more than in 2010. This doesn’t really blow my mind and I could be happier about it, but on the other hand I got 2012 in front of me and an amazing 3 week journey to America! So never mind…

And for the rest – here are some more facts about my 2011:

And last but not least, some things I wish for in 2012:


About Mardou
Hi! My name is Manuela Heidenreich but sometimes I'm Mardou around the web. I live in Vienna, work as a multimedia designer and try to be an illustrator in my spare time. This blog is about everything that fascinates me - no more, no less.

One Response to 2011 – revisited.

  1. sherry liscio says:

    Hi Manuela. I’m the secretary for the Stuart Sutcliffe fanclub http://www.stuartsutciffefanclub.com). I’m also an artist and in charge of the FANCREATE page on the club fansite. This year Stu’s artwork will be traveling worldwide in an exhibit called “Conversation With Stuart Sutcliffe”, and the fan club is looking for fan art to display in a tandem tribute. I saw your Stu and Astrid drawing on TUMBLR (where I have a blog)….at least I believe it was your artwork! Would you be interested in allowing us to use your drawing? Any questions, email me, and thanks!

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