Paint it Black.

“It’s a myth that men don’t have their own version of PMT, of course they do – every woman knows this. It’s a very simple experiment to conduct, all you’ve got to do is be with a man, wait until he starts doing something and then go up and talk to him. ‘WHAT?! What is it now?! I’m opening fish fingers can’t you see?! You come in here, walking on the floor – breathing the air like it’s yours – talking and talking and I’m doing something! Look they’ve fallen on the floor, are you happy?! Are you happy now?! Every time I try and do something for myself, you carbonize and then shit on my dreams. You’re just like your whole family! Why do I even dare to think I could dream, I could imagine, I could hope?!'”

Every now and then I tend to fall in love, I have to admit. This time it wasn’t on first sight. A friend of mine recommended the British tv-series “Black Books” to me a while ago. I watched it and was quite pleased. But for some reason I couldn’t get into it that much at the time. Now, months later, I tried again and it’s just great – it’s dark and moody and cynical and simply brilliant. Starring Dylan Moran, the Irish comedian, it’s more or less about him: He, Bernard Black, owns a bookshop and is just miserable with everything.

I also took a look into Dylan Moran’s stand ups and it’s always the same formular: Being abject about life generally and his own persona and the people surrounding him in particular. And I don’t think I ever saw somebody suffering that brilliant! And of course… he’s quite a cutie, don’t you think? ;)

And a little Doodle-tribute:

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