Chocolate Crisps.

It’s this time of the year again – and I prepare for my lovely partner in crime’s birthday celebration. In fact, his birthday was in august, but the big celebration with all the family and lots of food and everything is a little bit late this year, due to scheduling problems.

However – for some days now I’ve been thinking about a fun theme for the party and of course the food. And last night I made some crispy chocolate lovelies for the goodie-bags. I was inspired by Sweetapolita’s recipe but I must admit, they didn’t come out quite as perfectly as in the original. For starters I decided to use milk-chocolate for the base layer – not a good idea, as milk-chocolate isn’t as firm and crisp as dark chocolate, and when you break it into pieces you dont get smooth edges. So mine don’t look so beautiful as Sweetapolita’s I fear. On the other hand, I decided to add a layer of sprinkles on the ground milk-chocolate layer, so they really feel crispy in your moth, which kind of makes up a little bit for the shape.

I’m also not completly happy with my sprinkles on the top – I tend to overdue it with decoration. But however, I hope they will look okay in their little goodie-bags… so more about my chocolate journey later!

So here’s the final achievement – now that the little chocolate crisps are in their goodie-bags, I’m quite pleased with the result. But look for yourself:

And this is what the birthday table and cake looked like:


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