That’s the plan.

Okay, the idea so far: My lovely partner in crime and I are going on holiday! And we’re quite giddy about it, because it has been some time since our last real holiday trip. First some days in Germany to meet with my partners family and then we head down south again to visit the surely beautiful city of Prague.

I must admit, I don’t know much about Prague. Everyone says it’s beautiful. But strangely I don’t really have an idea about this old city. Of many other places, I’ve been before, I had a quite complete picture in my head. Like London for example with it’s many music-related sights or Amesterdam with it’s channels and flower markets. But Prague? Kafka comes to mind, Charles bridge and communism.

So the first thing to do was to buy Lonely Planet’s “Prague” edition and to find out some more. But even though I got a little better picture about the city it’s still like Prague’s metro plan in my head: A mix of street names, sights and some historical facts. For some time it felt lika a problem, that we don’t know as much about this city than about others we visited. But meanwhile I came to the conclusion, that this may be a great opportunity to discover it in a much more evenhanded way.

So, only two days of work and some time in Germany seperates us from our trip to Prague. And I set some goals for our trip:

  • Visit as many places as possible in Prague.
  • Keep a regular diary on this blog about our visit.
  • Make lots and lots of photos with my beloved and sadly for a long time ignored (and absolutely NOT DIGITAL!) SLR camera and put them on this blog.
  • And most important: Have a fabulous time!

So, you can be sure to hear much more real soon – until then: All the best, Mardou.


About Mardou
Hi! My name is Manuela Heidenreich but sometimes I'm Mardou around the web. I live in Vienna, work as a multimedia designer and try to be an illustrator in my spare time. This blog is about everything that fascinates me - no more, no less.

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