Dear Christopher.

When you are a fan of something or someone, you tend to gather everything about it you can find. Recently this happened again, when my lovely boyfriend came up with Matt Smith’s recent tv drama for BBC 2 – “Christopher and his kind”. We both are big “Doctor Who” fans – my boyfriend introduced me to the series in 2002 or 2003 and we, from this point on, waited impatiently for every new episode. Matt Smith is now our third Doctor in a row, suceeding Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant, and we love him dearly. And he manages not only to give this new Doctor a brilliant, hyperactive and barmy new face but also does a great job with more serious roles like the one of Christopher Isherwood (author of “A Single Man”, which recently was made into a movie with Colin Firth).

The movie is about Christopher Isherwoods years in pre-war Germany in the 1930s and his encounters with the gay community (which was suprisingly lived out more open at this time than in Great Britain), the dazzling art scene and sadly the upcoming Nazi-movement. “Christopher and his kind” wins his viewers with his elaborate story-line, beautiful pictures and, I have to say it again, brilliant actors.


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2 Responses to Dear Christopher.

  1. octopoe says:

    Wow, I am behind the times, because your post just informed me about this adaptation of Isherwood’s autobiography! I am also mid-way through David Tennant as Doctor Who, so I am sure I will run into Matt Smith as the Doctor soon enough. (I am years behind on my TV generally.) I love Isherwood and have read up on all his writings and can’t wait for Netflix to get this BBC movie. My own web-journal features all sorts of good stuff on Isherwood:

    :: On the adaptation of A Single Man –;

    :: and on Christopher and His Kind specifically –

    Thanks for inadvertently leading me to another thing to absorb about Isherwood!

    • Mardou says:

      Dear Octopoe,

      thank you for your nice comment! I must admit that I only scratched the surface of Mr. Isherwood’s work so far but I’m looking forward to read his books real soon and learn more about this exceptional man. But first I will dig into your blogposts about him – think that’s a good start. :)

      And as it comes to Matt Smiths Doctor – I think you will enjoy it! He’s a cool cat… ;)

      All the best,

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