That Zeppelin.

A documentary about the Hindenburg catastrophe yesterday in the evening, reminded me about how much I really like zeppelins. I mean, they are the most majestic and just as well biggest thing I can think of and I get the shivers when I try to imagine what it must have felt like to stand near to one of those massive and at the same time airy vehicles. So, here are some pictures as well as some art I found, all featuring this beautiful, and yet dangerous, machines:


Zeppelinby Christian Ose

Graf Zeppelin Route Poster
via lazzo51 // by

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Hi! My name is Manuela Heidenreich but sometimes I'm Mardou around the web. I live in Vienna, work as a multimedia designer and try to be an illustrator in my spare time. This blog is about everything that fascinates me - no more, no less.

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