Info graphics or the shortest way from A to B.

I’m a really big fan of info graphics: they are able to merge clean design with wild thoughts or strange coherences in such a fun and yet kind of scientific way. Here’s a small collection of my favorite info graphic projects that came up around the web lately:

The Evolution of the Geek by Flowtown

When one hears the word ‘geek’, images are conjured of pocket protectors and nightstands made out of old comic books. That old notion of geek-dom has since evolved into a new, tech-savy, and dare we say ‘cool’ geek’. –

“Waiting for Superman” Trailer

From Davis Guggenheim, the Academy Award-winning director of “An innconvinient truth”, comes another stirring, must-see clarion call of our times: “Waiting for Superman”,  a deeply personal exploration of the current state of public education in the U. S. and how it is affecting our children. –

Produced by BUCK.

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