Frequency – More about day one.

Although we had some problems finding our way through the festival crowd, we arrived right on time for my personal main act: Mumford & Sons.

I got introduced to their music by my beloved friend Elisabeth on a short trip to Munich earlier this year – she had filed them in her Youtube playlist under “Happy Peppi” and I fell in love instantly.

Nevertheless – they were there and I was happy as a puppy. They played “Little Lion Man”, “Thisle & Weeds”, “Roll Away Your Stone”, some more songs from their LP and a new one during which Marcus Mumford played the drums! Sadly they only had about 45 min to play – I, and I think also the rest of the crowed could have listened to them longer.

They started their show with a lovely “Servus” and left with “Dankeschön” and everybody seemed totally touched by them. Everywhere you heard people talking about how great they were – I think that’s quite rare at feativals.

By the way: This was their first concert in Austria – can’t wait to see them soon again!!

The next thing to do of course was to go incognito in the festival crowd so I invested in awesome red sunglasses that make me extremely cool, yet a bit shortsighted…

Next act for us on the Race Stage: Gogol Bordello, a New York City Gipsy-Punk band that rocked the festival crowd extremly! They seem to consist of pure energy and the members of this quite big band are in constant movement. We really loved them – we just couldn’t decide if the lead singer looked more like Frank Zappa or Vincent Gallo…

Then Sebastian decided to watch Skunk Anansi but that isn’t really my cup of tea so I went with Nadja & Adam to see La Roux…

I know some of her music videos and I’m always fascinated by her androgynous style and the cool smooth pictures that go so well eith her music. But live… well… every song sounded the same for me and her strange story about how the day almost ended to be a nightmare because she forgot all her hair products wasn’t really helping.

But – we knew the evening held more for us and we waited unpationately for Muse!

I heard a lot about their live shows and I also have seen some great live acts – but I have never, NEVER ever seen something like that!

They had amazing visuals, a great light show, they had a laser show, smoke coming out everywhere and giant eyeball balloons that floated above the crowed. I can’t really describe it in detail – buy a ticket and see for yourself!

Very happy and very tired we fell asleep yesterday and I can’t wait to see what’s coming up for us today!

Later more…


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