Frequency – Day one.

First of all – a short note to myself: If you plan to have three marvellous festival days, plan to get up early to have enough time to get ready for your trip then I can only give you one advise: DON’T GET LOST IN BERMUDA DREIECK THE DAY BEFORE!

For all of those who think I got shipwrecked yesterday: No. I just had a great evening in one of the pubs located in the area in Viennas first district called Bermuda Dreieck. And even though I didn’t drown in stormy waters, I had a death-near experience this morning.

But, my beloved partner in crime took care of everything, including his hungover, grumpy and sick girlfriend and magically got us to the train. So – here we are! Me, still promising to NEVER EVER drink alcohol again, he smiling and reading a comic novel and two beloved friends already waiting in St. Pölten for us.

First stop is my parent’s and next stop are the awesome Mumford & Sons!

Later more…

About Mardou
Hi! My name is Manuela Heidenreich but sometimes I'm Mardou around the web. I live in Vienna, work as a multimedia designer and try to be an illustrator in my spare time. This blog is about everything that fascinates me - no more, no less.

One Response to Frequency – Day one.

  1. el daverino says:

    Madame Mardou, very nice description! As your resident Brit-Lover I have to advise you that advice is spelled as just now. (Noun != Verb) Further Grammar-Fascism: “Graphic Novel”, “the area OF”, “near-death experience”. Thanks for reading, *duck, I’m going to shut up now. :D

    Otherwise: Fun, frenzy and mud may ensue as our beloved artist in all media takes on the spectacle that is the Frequency! (Don’t drink too much.. Ah, forget that last bit.)

    the d.

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